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Internship Opportunities

OUR MISSION: Founded in 1973, H*VMI exists to share the compassion of Christ by walking alongside individuals facing life's challenges and equipping others to do the same.

OUR VISION: H*VMI provides support, programs, resources and training so the people we serve may be included as growing and serving members of the Body of Christ.


  • BASIS: Ministering to bereaved parents and their families.

  • Disability Ministries: Providing programs, resources and support for people with disabilities and their families. Includes: Discipleship, Handi*Camp, PIP and Training.

  • International: Training and equipping national workers worldwide.

  • Minds Renewed: Helping people address mental health issues personally or with a loved one.

  • REST Ministries: Offering hope to the hurting, abused and addicted in the church and in the community.

  • Seminars: Training and resources on a variety of ministry topics.

  • Twilight Senior Ministries: Serving senior citizens and their families.


FOR THE INTERN: To provide an experience for student, servant leaders to develop personal and practical skills in sharing Christ’s love through compassion based ministry service. Opportunities can be tailored to meet a student’s particular ministry interest, however exposure to all aspects of H*VMI’s compassion ministries is strongly encouraged.

FOR THE H*VMI MINISTRY STAFF: To invest in helping to develop a student’s personal, spiritual and ministry growth through hands-on practical experience in areas of compassion ministry.


  • Pastoral care and teaching opportunities in specialized care facilities such as nursing homes and residential facilities for people with disabilities.

  • Discipleship, teaching and program planning for people with developmental disabilities through assisting and/or leading Bible clubs, correspondence programs, writing Biblically based email devotionals, and one-on-one visitation.

  • Counseling, teaching, recreation/programming, nursing and food service opportunities in seasonal camping ministry for children, teens and adults with developmental disabilities.

  • Assist/co-facilitating support group(s) for bereaved parents, parents of children with disabilities and/or individuals dealing with mental health issues.

  • Assist in planning and execution of ongoing ministry programs and special events including breakfasts, and picnics.

  • Lesson planning, teaching and visitation with people facing mental health challenges in an institutionalized setting.

  • Grief care support through blogs, newsletters, writing personal cards, emails and phone calls.

  • Research and resource development, finding innovative ways of sharing helpful or encouraging information with ministry participants.

  • Networking with local churches and other ministry organizations to spread awareness of H*VMI programs and resources available to them.

  • Research and writing articles for H*VMI publications in a particular area of ministry interest.



  • CONTACT US to discuss your internship requirements.

  • Complete an application and submit it for review.

  • Read and sign a Statement of Compliance to H*VMI’s Doctrinal Statement.

  • Complete the required ministry testing materials to develop an awareness of ministry skills and how they apply to ministry internship opportunities.

  • The application and testing materials will be reviewed by the Executive Director and the assigned ministry supervisor who will then make a recommendation to intern applicant.

LENGTH OF THE INTERNSHIP: The H*VMI internship program can be tailored to meet the requirements of the sending institution. Hours may be comprised of direct contact with ministry supervisor(s) in ministry programs and additional reading or other assignments.


  • Be assigned a primary H*VMI supervising staff mentor. Note: Because of the variety of ministries within H*VMI, a student intern will have the opportunity to work with more than one ministry director during the internship.

  • Maintain an Internship Journal (sample journal page available).

  • Meet with the appropriate member of the ministry staff prior to any teaching or hands on experience that will take place within the H*VMI mission.

  • Meet with the supervising mentor on a regular basis as established at the beginning of the internship.

  • Complete required evaluation forms.

  • Complete any additional requirements established by the sending institution.


  • Meet with the intern on a regular basis as established at the beginning of the internship period.

  • Assist the intern with the Internship Journal and make periodic checks on the journal’s progress.

  • Meet with other ministry staff with whom the intern has worked prior to completing the final supervisory evaluation.

  • Complete the final Supervisory Evaluation Form with the intern at the conclusion of the internship.

  • Be familiar with any additional institutional requirements and assist the intern with their completion where applicable.

A SPECIAL CONSIDERATION ABOUT INTERN OPPORTUNITIES UNIQUE TO H*VMI: There are a number of ministry departments under the H*VMI umbrella. Most of these ministries function beyond the main H*VMI office in Ephrata, PA. As the prospective intern reviews this information, please become aware of the locations and time tables for the “hands on” portion of each of the H*VMI ministries. These factors may dictate some of the availability of the H*VMI ministries as it relates to the internship program. Transportation to the various ministry functions will be the responsibility of the intern. However, transportation to some of the H*VMI ministry functions can be made available to the intern from the Ephrata office by making arrangements with the H*VMI mentor/supervisor.