• It's been a busy summer: Handi*Camp; the H*VMI Yard Sale; the BASIS and Disability Ministries picnics... God has been gracious to give us the privilege to minister to hundreds of people through these different H*VMI events and programs.

  • Still ahead this summer, we're grateful for a church group which will return to the H*VMI Property for a Work Day, helping us to keep the property looking attractive prior to digging it up, which we're very eager to do



  • Upcoming events include the H*VMI Golf Outing on September 12th and the H*VMI PA Banquet on October 5th. Pray that people will attend and learn more about H*VMI and seek us out for resources and/or find ways they can get involved in the various programs.

  • Some of our Bible clubs/studies and support groups have continued through the summer months. In September and October ALL will be underway. Pray for these ministries to have a helpful impact on all who attend. There are currently eleven monthly Bible clubs/studies and seven support groups including people with disabilities, their parents, bereaved parents and nursing home residents.

  • Please continue to pray for the final leg of the property approval process. The planning has never been more complex but we continue to earnestly pursue the completion of this final approval step.