For more than forty years H*VMI has been operating without a permanent “home.” H*VMI is at a place where a permanent location for ministry is not only a goal but a critical necessity for the continuation and expansion of our programs.
 H*VMI plans to purchase a property and construct a ministry center that will solidify H*VMI’s current ministry and enable the expansion of services to people facing life challenges locally, nationally and globally.   

A ministry center will provide a permanent location for CURRENT PROGRAMS:

  • A six week camping program for children, teens and adults with physical, intellectual and multiple disabilities.
  • Bible clubs and recreational opportunities for the people we serve.
  • Support groups for bereaved parents, for parents of children with a disability and for people addressing mental health issues personally or with a loved one.
  • Training and internship opportunities for churches, college students, missionaries from other agencies and others seeking to minister to people facing life challenges.

A ministry center will provide a permanent location for EXPANDED PROGRAMS:   

  • Additional camping programs for people with a disability, including those with autism or profound intellectual disabilities.
  • Additional Bible Club(s) and community Bible studies for the people groups we serve.
  • Fully accessible outdoor recreation programs and special events for individuals and families associated with our BASIS, PIP, Minds Renewed and Twilight Senior ministries.
  • Retreat opportunities for the people served by our camping and other ministries.
  • A Christian camping program for bereaved children.
  • No-cost get-aways for bereaved parents or parents/caregivers of individuals with disabilities and other special needs.
  • Siblings’ Days (programs for siblings of a child with a disability) and Kids in Grief programs.