February 2016

Thank you so much for your interest in H*VMI’s Property Project. We have been so blessed by all the amazing things God has been doing thus far in this process. I’d like to detail for you some of those amazing things. God has provided:

  • A Board of Directors motivated to further the ministry of H*VMI.
  • An attorney experienced in real estate matters to guide us through the process.
  • A general contractor to advise us.  
  • An Agreement of Sale on a property for the H*VMI Ministry Center.
  • An architect who translated our vision into building designs.
  • An engineer who laid out the site plan and is helping us through the zoning approval process.
  • A kitchen designer who is designing our kitchen space for maximum efficiency.


The Property Committee consists of two Board members, several missionaries and office staff all of whom have God-given wisdom and unique perspectives. They have helped bring this project to where it is today. We have all been working hard on this but God has clearly been going before us. I have been so blessed to see what God has done; and I hope, as you explore this webpage and continue to check back to read updates, you will be blessed.