February 2017

Praise the Lord with us!

  • Zoning has been APPROVED! Unanimously! At the February 13th meeting, several of the Borough Council members testified that they were initially undecided, planning to vote to extend or going to deny our proposal. However, when it was time, every Council Member voted, “YES.” Praise the Lord and THANK YOU for your prayers!
  • We can now check the Zoning box and move to Land Development. This step involves more detailed planning and presentations before local governmental entities. We are working quickly to get this step underway.
  • There is another issue yet to be resolved. Although H*VMI is a §501(c)(3) organization with church status, our real estate tax exemption is not guaranteed. There are legal requirements that we must adhere to and the process of determination is uncertain. H*VMI is seeking the Lord’s guidance as we navigate this complex process. 

The Land Development planning as well as the resolution of the real estate tax issue are both critical in order to move forward at this site.  

Please Pray:

  1. that we can work quickly in the Land Development phase.
  2. for the real estate tax issue to be sorted out.
  3. for God to continue to receive the Glory in this process.
  4. that, if it is God’s will, we will continue to have success in our pursuit of Westview Golf Course.