October 2016

The Lord has been at work here at H*VMI through all of our ministries and through the Ministry Center Project as well. The Board members and staff of H*VMI continue to pray, plan and prepare for this project. Even though many of the staff were at camp through the summer months, we still have been making progress. We have received the approval of the Akron Borough Planning Commission along with their recommendation to the Borough Council.

At a recent banquet, one of our Board members quoted a verse from 1 Chronicles when David was preparing to build the temple. The Bible says that David made “ample preparations” or, in another version, “extensive preparations.” We have been making extensive preparations. The government approval process is a big step and takes some time to complete. With each meeting comes lots of preparations and planning so we can be sure we honor the Lord in our efforts.

Please continue PRAYING for the upcoming steps in this approval process. The H*VMI Board will be discussing this project at the upcoming Board meeting (October 14-15). PRAY for guidance for the days ahead. Please join with us in PRAISING God for what He’s done so far.